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Bob BauersMy interest in metal work had its roots in my lifelong admiration of the outstanding  traditional blacksmith’s work in and around my native Philadelphia. Here, there are many inspiring examples of the work by the late Samuel Yellin, the famous artist blacksmith, and others. Those 19th and early 20th century artists inspired me to learn -- which  I continue to do -- and my hobby turned into a business in 1998. Now, I combine traditional and modern methods to try to create work that is graceful, sometimes funny, challenging and  unique.

Bob Bauers
169 Saw Mill Road
Pottstown, Pa. 19465


While many items on this web site are one of a kind, some are repeated, and some are more easily shipped than others.  Call to ask about prices, availability, and delivery.



Upcoming Shows 2009
Wheaton Arts Festival of Fine Craft
Oct. 3 & 4
Millville, NJ

"The first thing we bought from Bob was a bench. Since then we've gone back to him five more times, including custom products built to our specifications. Whatever Bob makes for you will look great, will last forever --- and chances are you neighbors WON'T have one just like it."
Sam Ackerman, Caliban Creative, Cilfton, Virginia